I highly recommend Dr. Sobel for eye health & vision exams. He is caring and thorough and the staff at Bosson Optical are very personable. I purchased a new pair of eyeglasses and “Wow” what a big, big difference. I especially felt a sense of comfort having my vision care needs taken care of all in one place. What a spectacular team!

William V.

I can see! I haven’t been able to clearly read the smart boards at college since September. I’m so happy, everyone at Dr. Sobel’s office & Bosson Optical were so nice. They took their time to help me find the perfect frames, which are so cool and I love them!

Samantha S.

As in athletics, there is only one Number 1. In Optometry, Dr. David J. Sobel, O.D. is #1. He has provided me and my entire family with over 30 years of first class care.

Robert A.

I think so highly of Dr. Sobel that I have told all my friends and family. He is a very concerned & compassionate doctor and the staff at Bosson Optical has the same compassion and caring.

Lauren Z.

Dr. Sobel has been my eye doctor for about 25 years and I will honestly say that I would never trust my vision to anyone else. I hope he doesn’t retire any time soon !

Leslie H.

I have been Dr. Sobel’s patient since 2002. I truly came to appreciate his expertise and commitment to his patients 10 years ago when I was in my mid-40’s. I slowly began to lose clear vision in both eyes due to Cataracts. Dr. Sobel made the correct diagnosis, referred me to a surgeon specializing in Cataracts and my surgery was a breeze. I continue to see Dr. Sobel for my eye health & vision care as I totally trust him.

Peter S.

I just want to take a moment to thank Dr. Sobel for making me feel and look beautiful again. I decided to take a step at making myself happier and more youthful-looking. That step was wearing contact lenses. I am so grateful for Dr. Sobel turning this ole’caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

Margaret R.

I’m 60 years old and have been wearing eyeglasses since age 11. In all those years, I’ve never experienced such a meticulous eye exam. Dr. Sobel took the time to explain each step and what the results meant specifically to me. I’d highly recommend Dr. Sobel for your eyes.

Pamela G.

Excellent patient care and customer service. I have been a patient of Dr. Sobel’s for many years and my children are as well. He is second to none.

Michael B.

I am a long-time patient of Dr. Sobel’s. I have stayed a loyal patient because of his meticulous attention to details and he repeatedly demonstrates a desire for my visual well being. Even with my complex, coke bottle prescription, I noticed an immediate difference in my comfort and visual clarity with my new eyeglasses. I’ve always been very happy with Dr. Sobel and the staff at Bosson Optical. Mike Bosson and the girls always dispense the highest quality eyewear and provide extraordinary service.

Stephen S.

I wouldn’t go to any other eye doctor. Dr. Sobel gives you the best care and is extremely thorough. I’ve heard horror stories about eye care professionals. I’m so happy that I chose Dr. Sobel for my eye care. I have Multiple Sclerosis and it’s very important to me to have excellent eye care.

Roz C.

I really do appreciate it when Dr. Sobel makes every effort to be “on-time” for my appointments. He is very punctual and yet I never feel rushed.

Sebastian J.

I have referred my parents and co-workers to Dr. Sobel. We are all really pleased with the great service & caring, friendly attitude. Thank You!

Stephanie F.

It is very comforting to know that we have a great eye doctor right in town. It is always easy to get an appointment without the hassle of waiting weeks or months. My family and I are very “proactive” about our eyes. We visit the office once-a-year and know that we are being taken care of as if we were family.

Katharine W.

Dr. Sobel is the best eye doctor I’ve ever had. He’s knowledgeable and thorough. He performed a new test that no other eye doctor has done for me since my first appointment 20 years ago. He did a corneal ultrasound called pachymetry, to really determine my true eye pressure and my risk for developing Glaucoma. Glaucoma unfortunately runs in my family.

Terri P.

I love the fact that Dr. Sobel’s eye exam combines both old school and new school. His state-of-the-art equipment like retinal photography and nerve fiber analysis (for glaucoma) is so much better than that dreaded puff-of-air and always having to be dilated. I definitely don’t like the light sensitivity and being blurry for hours.

Lisa G.