Exercises To Improve Your Vision

Exercises To Improve Your VisionAre you having eye problems? Probably, you have even been to the doctor for a diagnosis. In most cases, you will be asked to wear glasses to help improve your vision. But with the modern living, almost every person will experience eye problems at one point in life. So, will we all have to wear specks?

According to research, the moment you start wearing contact lenses or glasses, your eyes become even lazier, and there are high chances of having poor vision. Well, that does not mean wearing glasses is wrong. In some cases, it is inevitable if you have serious eye problems or congenital disorders. But for those with less severe problems, there are exercises that you can use to help improve your vision.

Unlike working out in a gym, eye exercises do not leave you sweating and panting. They are just exercises which involve using your eyes fully. You might be surprised to find out you don’t need your glasses anymore.

Here is a glimpse of some of the eye exercises you can use to help improve your vision!

4 Exercises To Improve Your Vision


Flexing is an exercise which involves stretching your optical muscles. It helps you break the habit of staring at things for too long. That is mostly for people who stare at a computer screen an entire day.

You can flex your eyes by moving your eyes up and down, sideways and rotating to make sure you stretch your eyes completely. When viewing up and down, make sure you are seated with your legs in front of your body. While at that position, raise your hands with thumbs pointing upwards. Follow the movement of your thumb with your eyes without changing your body position. Repeat the process with your thumbs on your knees.

As for the sideways viewing, place your right fist on your right knee with the thumb pointing upwards. Focus on the thumb with your head fixed in the same position. After a few seconds, do the same with your left fist.


Palming is a relaxation exercise that you do when you feel your eyes are tired of staring at one position. With this exercise, sit down with your eyes closed. Cup your hands and place them on top of your eyelids gently. With your eyes closed, stare into the darkness for about thirty seconds then open your eyes. After that, your eyes should feel rejuvenated.


If you are used to wearing specks, it is hard to focus on one thing. So, get rid of your glasses and focus on something in your room for a few seconds then look at your thumb. Make sure your thumb is facing upwards. Do this for a few minutes changing your focus on something different after every two seconds. With this exercise, your eyes will gradually improve their vision.


Blinking helps reduce your blurry vision, eye strain and headaches caused by staring at a screen for a long time. Research shows that your blinking rate reduces at a very high rate when looking at a computer or television. If you don’t blink, your eyes get dry which causes the blurry visions and headaches. So, blink to refresh and moisturize your eyes.

After all the exercises, lie down in a relaxing position to rejuvenate yourself. However, even with the above activities, make sure you seek advice from your doctor before making a drastic decision like getting rid of your glasses.

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