Schedule Your Child’s Back To School Eye Exam Now

Schedule Your Child's Back to School Eye Exam NowAutumn is here and with the changing leaves comes the flurry of activity that accompanies back to school time. Scheduling your child’s annual eye exam before the beginning of the school year is upon us can help to keep stress at bay while ensuring that your child is as ready as possible for the start of the new school year.

Dr. David J. Sobel has been serving the greater Litchfield, CT area since 1984 and he is excited to continue providing comprehensive eye care for the next generation of the Litchfield community.


School age children can sometimes experience difficulty in the classroom that stems from vision issues or conditions. These symptoms can be overlooked which causes the student unnecessary stress and can create negative feelings toward school in general. An annual eye exam, performed by an optometrist that understands your family’s overall health profile, can help to prevent such a circumstance happening in your child’s life.

Eye exams can reveal problems that your child may experience with seeing the front of the class clearly and reveal any issues that can arise during reading and completing homework. It is always a great idea to have your child’s eye examined before the start of the school year.


Children are more likely to have variations in their overall health or have issues arise more quickly than their adult counterparts. Eye exams often reveal signs and symptoms of other health problems, and a trusted optometrist like Dr. Sobel can be the first guard against such issues continuing unnoticed.

Another issue that affects today’s modern children is their heavy use of electronic smart devices such as tablets and laptops. This syndrome can have a detrimental effect on vision, especially in children and young adults. In order to forestall any developmental issues caused by excessive use of these devices, Dr. Sobel can discuss the syndrome with you and your children to explain how today’s computers can be used safely. The use of tablets is becoming more and more prevalent in schools, especially with younger children, and it is important to protect your child’s long-term vision and eye health.


Starting good eye care at a young age can help to develop strong skills that will serve your child well into the future. Regular eye exams are the first step to ensuring that your child receives whatever eye care is necessary for their success. If they require corrective lenses it is a good idea to have the glasses prior to the school year to allow your youngster to get used to them and make certain that the prescription is correct and the frames are comfortable and fit their face properly.

Many children have difficulty adjusting to wearing glasses, and by giving them enough time to adjust to the eyewear they will be ready to go once school begins.

Dr. Sobel is a longtime member of the Litchfield community and he welcomes the opportunity to serve your family, call us today to schedule your appointment!

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